Black Hat releases Martian Empires Prussians and Cavalier

Black Hat Miniatures have released new figures for their 18mm Martian Empires game.


From their announcement:

I am hoping to have the following new 18mm Martian Empires packs available at the Cavalier Show in Tonbridge on Sunday 28th February:

  • EMP501 Prussian Infantry Advancing
  • EMP502 Prussian Infantry Firing
  • EMP503 Prussian Infantry Command
  • EMP504 Prussian Infantry in Gasmasks
  • EMP505 Prussian Clockwork Infantry
  • EMP506 Prussian Heavy Infantry

All packs contain 8 figures and cost £2.50. The Rocket troops, cavalry, artillery and generals will follow in the next couple of weeks. I hope to have some news on Prussian Vehicles soon as well.

If there is anything you particularly want from any of our ranges then please preorder for Cavalier as we cannot bring everything we do to the show.