Black Army E/V-4 Ehrhardt Armored Car now available

Black Army Productions has sent along news about their recent release of a 1:56 scale E/V-4 Ehrhardt Armored Car. erhardt10.jpg From their announcement:
We get a lot of questions about this. As these were released during the holidays, a lot of folks missed the news. Just a note to those interested that our long anticipated E-V/4 Ehrhardt Armored Car, of German WW1 fame, is now available in 28mm (or roughly 1/56 scale), as sculpted by Tobsen77. The Ehrhardt was used extensively during WW1 by the Germans, reaching as far as Russia and the Ottoman Empire. It remained in heavy use during the Interwar Period, seeing action in the Russian Civil War, the Russo-Polish War, and (according to some sources) the Chinese Civil War. It was removed from the official German inventory just prior to the outbreak of the Second World War. This is a metal and resin kit consisting of metal turret, hatches, and machine guns, two different sets of wheels, and a resin hull. The hatches can be modeled opened or closed, and the machine guns can be mounted in multiple positions. There's even space in the turret to mount a command fig, should you desire. To my knowledge, we are the first to offer this vehicle in 28mm, and this is currently the only kit sized for 28mm miniatures on the market. We are offering the Ehrhardt for $35 US plus shipping. This is a slightly heavier model than most, due to the number of parts, but the price should be fairly reasonable using our standard First Class Rate. Our next release for the Engines of War range will include the Austro-Hungarian Romfell. So stay tuned.