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Bitcon Cards: Lose All Your Money Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Honestly, all I know about it I learned from John Oliver. So I'm not really one to try and discuss it. However, after playing Bitcon Cards: Lose All Your Money, we all might just be experts in how they work. The game is a new card game up on Kickstarter now. Originally created as a joke, it eventually evolved to be a somewhat accurate simulation of how these transactions actually take place.

From the campaign:

Bitcon replicates bitcoin investing in a fast paced card game. You play the cryptocurrency market up and down like a roller coaster and try and not get stuck with too much bitcoin when the bubble pops.

The game was built and tested by people familiar with investing in crypto and other crazy assets. Originally made to MOCK the idiots that blindly invest money they don't have into Bitcoin, it soon became a real life simulation of Bitcoin investing. Whilst easy to pick up and play straight away, the complexity of strategies and tactics gets much richer with experience where you have to think moves in advance to protect yourself and ruin your opponents.

If you like fast paced strategy games, laugh at people that sold their house to buy bitcoin, or simply want to show grandma how to lose all your cash online: buy Bitcon. You'll soon be addicted to losing all your money.

- Brandon and Sam.

P.S. We dedicated a whole separate Adults Only version of our game to the memory of the most stupid, ignorant, and hilarious things ever spoken about Bitcoin. May they long enjoy not having any money. (Parental Advisory Recommended)

The campaign just launched today and is set to go for another 29 days.