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Bio-Logic: Microscopic Domain Board Game Up On Kickstarter

We all get sick from time to time. You get a cough or some aches. Hell, last night I slept like garbage because my stomach was just like, "Nope! Time to hurt, buddy-boy!" and when you have as much stomach as I do, you can't really sleep through that. Well, in Bio-Logic: Microscopic Domain, players delve into the world of sicknesses, but it's not with the intent to cure. No. They will be playing as pathogenic superbugs, looking to do as much damage as possible. The game is up now on Kickstarter.

About the campaign:

Gaia Game Studios seeks funding to take tabletop gamers into a world where few have ventured. Bio-Logic transforms you into a genetically engineered Super-bug implanted into the body of a madman. Gamers will love the immersive and true to life mechanics that emulate the real biological systems of the human body. With a blend of character development and unique world expansion/reaction, Bio-logic keeps you on your toes (tentacles?) as you balance your thirst for power with an ever present force that wants you dead, the madman himself.
Bio-Logic has been under the microscope for nearly 2 years and has evolved into a being that surpasses all games of the past. It launched on Kickstarter June 8th and features the game at 59$ with free shipping in the US. UK. Canada, as well as many other European and worldwide locations. In addition, discounted shipping is offered to those is distant locations across the globe. There is not anywhere on earth that you can hide from Bio-Logics' reach.

About the Game:
Not many people realize the amount of activity that pulses on inside of the human body. Germs, cells, vitamins, medicine and all sorts of miniscule particles flow throughout our body in a constant battle for perfect balance. But to those microscopic entities, this is a never ending war for survival. The drive to live and thrive is strong, even in the smallest of beings. In Bio-Logic, you must learn to manipulate this strange world as you explore and develop your way through it.

As a newly created Super-bug, you compete with other invading species to dominate and ultimately survive the human body. On one hand, you navigate through the inner body to battle and infect vital organs (enemy tiles), defend against medications (effect tiles), or undergo genetic mutations (ability tiles) to develop your Bug. On the other hand you must master expanding and exploring of the human body (modular board). As you grow, the body reacts. How you reveal the world can boost its own defenses or trigger reactive assaults. What was once the right move, quickly becomes a wrong turn as the world of Bio-Logic is constantly changing. To make it all more true to life, you must also race against your opponents for the vital resources needed to survive. In Bio-Logic, it's you against the universe.

Are you ready to explore the mysterious world found inside all of us? Can you thrive amidst a raging war and live to spread another day? Find out in Bio-Logic: Microscopic Domination.

Number of players: 2-6 (adding a 7th for one of our stretch goals)
Time required: 60 min
Recommended age: 14+