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Bigsby's Bargain Box Up On Kickstarter

Bigsby's Bargain Box is up on Kickstarter and looking for some funding. What are Bigsby's Bargain Boxes? They're an entire game night in a single kit. Not only are there adventures for your gaming group (1-3 session mini-campaigns), but there's pre-generated characters for each adventure, plus a USB drive full of sound effects, as well as digital editions of the campaign and characters. But wait, there's more! They also give you dice (because everyone loves getting dice) and props for the adventure. Also included are recipes for simple-to-make meals to go along with it all (as cooking is one of my hobbies, this part intrigues me the most).
The campaign is running now and has 17 days more to go.

From the campaign:


1. A Module - Rules for the Game of the Month, a short (1-3 session) campaign, monsters and dungeons!

2. Character Sheets - Pre-Made Characters (that we made, just for you!) for quick-play! (And an empty full-sheet, if you want to make your own!)

3. DICE! - We include one set of the dice you need to play the system represented.

4. Recipes - What's game night without food? We took the time to find and create themed recipes for your adventure! (And even include some ingredients)

5. Props - If the adventure centers around a Magical MacGuffin, you can bet your +5 Boots of Awesome that we'll include it.

6. Sound Effects - Ambient sounds, monster sounds, and the sounds of battle. We make them, and we ship them to you on a very cool USB.

7. Very Cool USB - 1 GB USB. Includes your digital copy of the module AND the sound effect file.