Big update to Troublemaker Games Indiegogo campaign

Troublemaker Games made it through another stretch goal over the weekend in their 6mm Indiegogo campaign. They’ve posted up a big update about what’s available now.

From the update:

Here comes our biggest campaign update to date!

First of all, we’d just like to say thankyou for your continued support, without your financial backing this project would have failed at the first hurdle, and for that vote of confidence we can only be grateful.

Well, I suppose we could send you some toy soldiers, too…

Speaking of toy soldiers, here are our latest Product Additions, all of which are now available as Pledges:

Product Addition: Lancastrian Medium Bomber
They have a length of 7.3cm, and a wingspan of 9.1cm.

Product Addition: Beast Class Superheavy Mobile Bastion
They have a length of 6.1cm, and come with multiple configuration options of Transport, Laser Cannon, and Macro-Howitzer.

Product Addition: Heavy Guns Set
This set will contain two Infantry and IFV plastic sprues, 22x plastic bases, four Braveheart Artillery upgrades, two Alien Laser Cannons, and two Alien Macro-Howitzers.

All in all, a huge update, I think you’d have to agree!

As a final little tidbit, we’ve attached concept art for the “Ultimate” version of the Alien half of the plastic sprue. If we get enough funding, we’d like to add the extra sculpts and poses that can be seen on this sample sprue layout… indeed, we could think up a few more sculpt types we’d like to add too!

As ever, the final variety of figures found on the plastic Infantry & Vehicles sprue will be dependent on the level of funding we receive in this crowdfunding campaign.

Thanks for your time, your consideration, and your continued support.

– The Team @ Troublemaker Games