Big update to Deadzone Kickstarter from Mantic Games

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
May 29th, 2013

Mantic has made some big updates to their Deadzone Kickstarter campaign. They’ve locked in hard plastic zombies. They’ve previewed a new Judwan Mercenary. They’ve got new faction dice sets available for add-on. Also for add-on are specialty support units for each faction, available for “buy one get one free.” It’s quite a lot.

From the update:


What a day yesterday – that’s the Hard Plastic Zombies locked in!

We’ll throw 1 sprue of 5 plastic Zombies into game pledges of Strike Team ($150 and Early) and up – that doubles up to 10 Zombies in Assault Team and trebles to 15 in Suppression Team!

The Zombies are now available to add-on to your pledge

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  • 4tonmantis

    While I know this isn’t Necromunda.. it’s kinda that sort of thing.. skirmish and similar setting.. I really hope Games Workshop is taking notes on this because of a few things that are happening here.
    1. Gamers have proven that bigger is NOT better. The game started to move in that direction, the community was very vocal that we wanted this to stay a skirmish game… and it pulled back in that direction.
    2. Development of not just 1 or 2 “high-selling” (ie power armor) but several playable factions is taking place.
    3. Fans/customers reward business that don’t treat us like crap. This is looking like a million dollar lesson more and more. In the grand scheme of an international business a million bucks doesn’t go as far, but lack of a million dollars for this, half a million (sure it’s more by now) for Dreadball, plus whatever on KoW and Warpath..
    I just hope Mantic is not giving away too much with this. Free stuff is cool but if it turns out that a year down the road they have no real market left I will be sad.

  • Free stuff? I am considering dropping out of this kickstarter because it’s pissing me off how the stretchgoals are really what are suppposed to be in the starters and the boosters and all that… It’s not like if it wasn’t unlocked the starter would only be 6 figures or whatever… It’s all just a gimmick and carefully calculated so they can drop what you were supposed to be getting in as free extras.

    What are you actually getting for free? a couple of zombies and a few extra figures? I’m sorry but big whoop.

    As for the actual game and actual content and stuff – that is pretty good. I just wish for once that someone would have the guts to do an HONEST kickstarter:

    “This is what you are paying and this is what you are getting. If we get this much money you’ll get something that is not part of the retail version.”

    Of course it’s all just business and who can blame them? I am just too old for this internet version of TV-SHOP.

    • 4tonmantis

      Uh.. I think you’re missing what is actually included. If you are planning on getting into this later you will figure out that all of that terrain, figures, rules, markers, etc won’t be included. Is it cheeky for them to use this to fund additional development? I really don’t think so. Nobody is twisting your arm saying you need to buy the new developments. Just like nobody promised you that if you paid 150 you would get 500 bucks of stuff. You might be too old for TV-SHOP stuff but I’m too old to listen to people whine about their sense of entitlement.

  • You completely missed my point, and completely misread what I am expecting from a kickstarter, but that’s ok.

    • 4tonmantis

      I blame the internet.. it has stunted the mental growth of millions, myself included 🙂