Big update from DreamForge Games

By Polar_Bear
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May 26th, 2014

DreamForge Games posted up a big update on their progress with new models. They’ve got 3D renders of Heavy Support troops, female troopers and some painted shots of their APC.


From the post:

Note: Everything for the stage 3 Kickstarter is now expected in Q3

Iron Core, is no longer just a mans world!

First up, the Eisenkern Heavy Support Troopers, The core kit contents remain mostly the same with the acceptation of some backpack changes for the energy weapons and the multipart optional leg selection.

Next up, we have some amazing paint work by David Woods, a very talented artist and backer whose brush work will grace the APC box art.

There were many changes to the base mesh, most of them very subtle. The best way to compare is to discuss what has changed from the Ada model.

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  • 4tonmantis

    The legs look so stubby on the women. The heads are alright but all of the “did this for the figure” and “did that for hourglass shape” … sorry but those aren’t hourglass and they look … wrong. The heads are really just too big for the rest.. If they were scaled appropriately a lot would look better but as it is, it throws the whole thing off.

    While I (unfortunately) will be skipping the females.. the heavies and the APC are looking like strong candidates for purchase! The APC has command car written all over it. I can see it with a Ant Workshop or Khurasan APC or similar on each flank.. bringing death and destruction.

  • I agree…. I had a fresh look at them and have been making tweaks, smaller head, smaller shoulder pads and a tweak to the waist section.

  • grimbergen

    Well, kingdom death females also have very exagerrated hips, so now we have another line to match.

  • Nicolay

    If you take that render of the woman, squeeze it horizontally by 50% (in Photoshop, Irfanview, etc.), which is a lot … only then do the proportions start making sense.

    That said, it could be Halfling woman, who knows.

    • No actually, a lot of what you are seeing is an artifact of what the software does on render, the ‘fish eye’ When you look at then in Ortho view most of that goes away.

      I have many years of understanding about what happens when it is transferred to a real world object… what looks right on the screen in Ortho looks FAR to thin in a real world object, so you do need to bump the thickness up a bit beyond what you think looks right.

  • Marauder

    The Sd.Kfz. 251 inspired APC is awesome. I have a Dust Axis army that has already recruited some Kriegsmarine – looks like they may have to get one of these as well.