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Big Update for Warmachine Tactics

Seems the fellows over at WhiteMoon Dreams have been pretty busy working on Warmachine Tactics. For those that might have forgotten, Warmachine Tactics is the video game version of Warmachine. It plays 90% like the tabletop game (some things had to be changed slightly due to the change in medium). Probably the biggest update comes in the form of the implementation of the Unreal Engine 4.9. But there's more than that.

Beyond that, there's better Scenario visuals, including the various flags and such got new graphics to help distinguish them out on the battlefield. There's also wreck markers (a pretty big part of the tabletop game). Plus, there's a new Measuring and LOS tool.

Oh, and Retribution of Scyrah got a whole bunch of new units. I'm sure all you elves out there will be happy to know about that.

If you haven't checked out the new patch yet, you should.