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Big terrain and a big sale at Warmill

Warmill has started taking orders for their new, huge, sci-fi terrain set, the C.A.S.Hstak sci-fi city block. This modular terrain is full of buildings and walkways and all sorts of nice hiding places for your sci-fi miniatures gaming. And as if that weren't enough, until April 3rd, their terrain is 10% off in their webshop. New terrain and a sale? Can't get much better than that.

From the announcement:

We're pleased to announce our new C.A.S.Hstak sci-fi city block terrain range is up for pre-order (no kickstarters required!) and since it's designed to help fill an urban board quickly we figured a sale on all our other urban terrain would go nicely with it! Until April 3rd all our urban terrain is at least 10% off, with 15% off all the C.A.S.Hstak products.