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Big June update from ZombieSmith and a sale

ZombieSmith has some big news for June up on their website. They include some staffing news, some previews and a sale. It's a little something for everyone.

From the update:

About the sale: Use code: zombie on checkout for 15% off!
First, we are proud to announce that Zombiesmith miniatures painter and rules designer, Anthony Brown is moving to full time employee status. He can be reached at his new email: You should still go to Josh for special orders and other general questions while Anthony gets up to speed!

Up until now, we have always been a part time affair, working in our spare hours to bring our miniatures and games to life. Now our worlds have grown and demand more time than our day jobs allowed. Having a full time staff member will enable us to expand in several ways:

Orders shouldn't take as long to fill as they have been of late–With too many hats on the Headzombie, orders have taken us longer to process than we would like. You probably haven't noticed, but we have and mean to fix it. Once Anthony gets up to speed, orders should have a quicker turn around time.

Our release schedule should become more regular – Removing another hat that was on Headzombie, Anthony will take over updating the website and new releases should begin happening on a more regular basis. We have about a year's worth of releases waiting in the pipeline. A lot of them are hitting this month and then we plan to have monthly releases for the rest the rest of the year, not the least of which is our new universe/game War of Ashes: Shieldwall.

We can expand our national convention presence – So far we have only attended the local convention circuit, mostly Kubla Con over Memorial Day weekend. Our plan is to expand that to 4 or 5 conventions a year for a start, with a couple on the eastern side of the country. More info when we have secured space at the shows.
15% off everything in the store for the rest of June!
Use code: zombie on checkout!

To throw Anthony into the thick of it right away we will be holding a sale in June. All products in the store will be at 15% off until the end of the month. Now is the time to start that new faction of Quar or get a head start on the warband of your choice from War of Ashes.

Take advantage of the sale, as starting in July we must reluctantly adjust our prices. The price increase shouldn't be too much; we just need to reflect the current price of materials in order to support a full time employee. Our shipping prices will change as well to a flat rate of $5 for US shipping and $12.50 for International.
If you have ordered in the past few weeks, or have an outstanding order we have been adding figures to them as we fill them in anticipation of this new sale.

With the sale comes a load of new stuff!

First we have two brand new factions, introduced in Spats and Pedrails, the Kryst Sandstalkers and Toulmore Veterans.

The Kryst Sothwyr Tractor!

Next we have Tales of the Breach. An expansion for both Songs of Our Ancestors and This Quar’s War, this book adds over thirty exciting new missions. Written by Steven A. Bellin.

Lastly we have the next preview pack for War of Ashes, The Jaarl!

Remember: Use code: zombie on checkout for 15% off!