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Beyond the Mechadrome

Gangfight Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Mechadrome, their sci-fi skirmish game of mech-on-mech action.


From the campaign:

Hundreds of years from now, the greatest sport the galaxy has ever known will explode on your screens as everyone watches their favorite teams of giant Mechs beating each other to scrap. Mechadrome is a 15mm scale "Mech Combat Gladiator Arena Skirmish Game" set in the far future where man and alien races have come together, forming teams that do battle in arenas set in abandoned, war-torn cities and industrial zones. The game is simple, fast and fun, and the Mech models we hope to create with this Kickstarter campaign offer a wide variety of customization. The pieces are universal and can easily be glued to any Mech for lethal combinations of cannons, pistols, missile pods, and devastating melee weapons like jackhammers, buzzsaws and siege drills.

We have a lot of cool stuff lined up, so feel free to head over to our Kickstarter page and check it out!