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Besieged: The Epic Battle for Cholm

Besieged: The Epic Battle for CholmLeaping Horseman Books have released a new WWII book titled Besieged: The Epic Battle for Cholm. From their announcement:
As someone who has shown interest in one of our previous titles ("Death of the Leaping Horseman", "An Infantryman in Stalingrad", "Island of Fire", "An Artilleryman in Stalingrad", "Turning Point", "Angriff" and "Croatian Legion"), we would like to inform you about a forthcoming release by Leaping Horseman Books. This release may come as a surprise because it is not about Stalingrad. This time it is the small but fascinating siege of Cholm. The book is called "Besieged: The Epic Battle for Cholm" by Jason D. Mark. It will be ready for dispatch in early September. A description of the book is available on our website.
Features of the book:
  • 608 pages on high-quality gloss paper
  • 210 x 157mm
  • Hardcover only
  • 328 photos
  • 22 maps and sketches
  • 22 aerial photos
  • 7 detailed appendices
Regular price is AUD $80.00 but with a 10% pre-publication discount it is currently AUD $72.00 (this offer ends when we take delivery of the book). The book can be signed by the author for an extra $10. Please note: whether paying by credit card or PayPal, payment will be taken immediately. In an effort to combat rising costs in printing, we have worked tirelessly to produce a high-quality book but at a lower price. By sourcing a new printer, we are able to offer this new title for a lower price. Furthermore, we have worked hard to find cheaper postage options. By making arrangements with overseas distributors, we can offer Air Mail postage at considerably reduced prices to our European customers. The best news of all is for those in North America: this book will be despatched from within the United States, meaning that you will pay only AUD $12.00 in postage. When combined with the pre-pub offer, this book could be yours for just AUD $84.00.