Bernohn talks to Ghosts… and trains

Bernohn sat down and talked with the fellows at Ghost Train Games about their Alternative Civil War game they’ve been working on.


From the interview:

About two months ago in one of the many Facebook groups I am subcribed to, it appeared a publication of a new game with a western aestetics and no more information. As many of this new games coming out, it is from Spain, and as most of these Spanish games, they have a high quality miniatures. I contacted them for an interview and they agreed with pleasure. Before the interview, I read the rulesystem of the game and the truth is that I liked it. It has a system simmilar to the AROs from infinity system, but we’ll see that it has a different origin. The setting of the game is in the mid-nineteenth century, in a world a little different (more fantastic, more interesting for me too).By the time I got to know the game, and set up the interview had not yet painted miniatures , today we are already seeing quite a few models with a level of very good painting. But let our guests today speak of their creation, with you the friends of Ghost Train Games.