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Bellwether Games Launches Swamped Board Game Kickstarter

Bellwether Games shoves off and sets sail in Swamped, their new board game on Kickstarter. The main goal is simple: go into the world's deadliest swamp and get the special plant. However, each player also has a hidden side-goal that they are trying to accomplish. And since all the players are in the same boat and control which way it goes, it's not going to be easy to get those goals met and still be secretive. Plus, the swamp is filled with peril and is ever-changing. Will your crew be able to make it out in one piece? Will you be able to accomplish your goal while thwarting your opponents? Find out in Swamped.
The campaign is most of the way funded already with still 30 days to go.

From the campaign:

You’ve been hired to collect a rare herb found deep in the heart of one of the world’s most deadly swamps. Together with your newly acquainted team, you must navigate this dangerous environment in a tiny boat to find the legendary plant before night falls or something more sinister finds you first…

We’re incredibly excited to bring you “Swamped,” a small game of enormous adventure, in which each player’s hidden motives can lead the entire quest into deadly peril!

In the game players take turns planning and executing movements for the boat in an attempt to collect lucrative natural treasures. As the game progresses, the boat drifts deeper and deeper in the swamp and players may suddenly discover they need to work together to get out of the swamp alive!