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Beer and D6s release more drunks and a special offer

Beer & D6s has some new drunks available over in their webshop and is running a special deal on them.


From the release:

Drunks are here and they're ready for a fight. But you're angrier and thirstier. Go ahead and shake a few coppers out of their raggedy breeches. When you buy 5 packs of drunks we'll knock off the price of that 5th drunk at check out, so you can spend that precious GP on another kind of gold. The liquid kind!

Each pack of drunks is hand cast in resin and comes with 2 legs, 2 torsos, 2 sets of arms, 5 heads, and 2 resin bases.

A short game of beer and d6s should include 6-10 drunks, NPCs, and monsters, with drunks making up the core of the combatants you face.