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Beanbag Billiards Plus Up On Kickstarter

So, I may be stretching the definition of "Tabletop" here a bit, but when I was a kid, we had a beanbag-toss game that my dad had built that we would get out every summer. I can still remember the sound that the bags made when they hit the wooden surface. Well, that game just had a single hole cut in it. Beanbag Billiards Plus takes the idea and ramps it up to 11, then multiplies it by 3. There's 33 games for this set.

The set has all you need to play any of the games (except for maybe a bit of open space to play) and everything stores right in the box. It can also be set up as a table, for if you just want to play some cards (there. There's your "tabletop gaming" for you) or somesuch when out camping.

The campaign's really close to their funding goal with still 11 days to go in order to make that last bit.