Be Not Afraid missing catapult token

Days of Wonder are reporting that there is a token missing form their upcoming Be Not Afraid expansion for Small World.

From their website:

The bad news… Because of a production error the Catapult token was accidentally left out when the Be Not Afraid… expansion for Small World was manufactured. The good news… We caught the error and are rushing the missing tokens from our manufacturer so they will be available from all the game stores worldwide when Be Not Afraid… goes on sale.

Even better news… Because the missing Catapult had to be printed separately, we took this opportunity to add 5 Leaders tokens for the new races in Be Not Afraid… Due to lack of space on the original Be Not Afraid punchboards, these tokens were not originally planned to be included. But since we goofed up and had to print a new mini punch board anyway, we figured we ought to make it right for Small World fans worldwide. And you will now get this extra bonus because of our mistake.