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Be a Twilight Play Tester - KickStarter

World of Twilight is looking for some more playtesters to add to their group.
Also, they've got some new concept art and previews up on their Kickstarter campaign that's in its final days.


From the update:

Frenu Playtest Kit
I've decided to give people the opportunity to get hold of these early protoypes and to get involved in the playtesting. I am releasing a special Frenu playtest kit, which will cost £45 (plus £5 for postage outside UK). This won't be to everybody's taste, but if you want to get really involved in seeing the process of designing a new force for the game and get an early look at all the models involved then this is your chance.

In the kit you will get:
•A playable Frenu force, which is likely to consist of the following: 1 kaopi, 2 frenu swarms, 1 protobelan, 2 protofubarnii and at least 10 individual frenu.
•Playtest rules
•Playtest cards
•Playtest questionnaire

The exact miniature composition needs to be finalised and will depend on production costs etc, but the above is the minimum you will get. When planning this I've taken a pessimistic view on costs as a starting point, but if I can squeeze more into the force then I will as I want to give you as many options as possible! It is very likely that delivery on this kit will be after the main deliveries have been completed, but I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.