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Be a part of DreamForge-Games rules

DreamForge-Games are offering gamers a chance to become a part of their Iron-Core rules system. Black Widow From their announcement:
Here is your chance to have a character, a major settlement, a military unit, a planet or planetary system, and yes…even a model created or yet to be created, named after you or given a name of your choosing. (Pending Approval). I could lock myself away and develop Iron-Core in a vacuum, but I prefer to hear other viewpoints and receive input from the community that will be using this system. I will post rules sections on the forum for review, any input that ultimately ends up in the game will earn the poster -Contribution Points-. When the game goes to beta testing the contributors will be notified as to what level they have earned and will be given the choice to use either their name or a fictional name of their making.