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Bay Area Open Wrap Up Report

Frontline Gaming finished their event, the Bay Area Open and here is the wrap up report from Reecius. We are going to be attending this event next year!

From their wrap-up:

The Bay Area Open 2012 has come and gone and what an event it was!

Reecius here from to relate the 3 day fun that was the BAO 2012!

We had a multitude of great gaming events, all of which were met with high praise from our attendees.

The 40K Narrative event, run by Big Jim of Deepstrike Radio, was a blast as we heard nothing but cheers and laughs coming from their end of the hall.

The Fantasy singles tournament sold out at 32, and was a spectacle of beautiful armies battling it out for all the marbles. The title was taken by Josh Rosenstien and his Skaven.

The 40K Team Tournament had 44 players and was taken by team TNT (Tau N' Tyranids), Janthkin and Yakface. Who says those books can't compete?

The 40K Singles event was a hotly contested event, with 92 players, but when the dust settled, ChristianA of Team Zero Comp barely edged out Goatboy form BoLS to win it all with his Imperial Guard.

The Flames of War tournament was won by Damn with his US force.

Warmachine and Hordes took place over three days, and was a great event with Biran Egger and his Scryah forces winning Friday, Sean Egger winning Saturday with his Khador, and Brandon Cating winning Sunday with his Menoth.

Thanks a million to everyone who came out and had so much fun with us. We are already thinking about next year!

Here's the link to all the standings and pictures of the event: