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Baueda Wargames Ltd Announces New Releases

Baueda Wargames Ltd Announces New Releases:

From their announcement:

1-48COMBAT: New Russian & German Characters available now!

Want some extra tactical flexibility for your squads? Two new fantastic characters from the magic hands of Stefano Cavane' have just been added to the catalog: hunters!

CODE 48015CS Anton Zimov

Anton took to shooting and hunting at a very early age, partly out of necessity to help feed his poor family. He would go into the woods with his dog, and pretend to be a soldier like his father and hunt imaginary enemies… Now he does it for real.

CODE 48016CS Gunter Braun

Gunter was born in the Austrian Alps, the son of a local trapper. Sent to the Eastern Front and wounded, he had a chance to experiment with a captured Soviet Mosin Nagant 91/30 rifle with a 3.5x PU telescopic sight whilst recuperating. He liked it so much that he got at work on improving the performance of his K98k. He is now trying to get his hands on a 4x scope for it, but he never leaves his MP40 too far anyway…

Pack content: one 1:48 scale pewter cast miniature, one plastic 25mm round slotted base, one stats card which doubles as a painting guide, and a set of full-color, cut-out markers and tokens for the game. No resin scenic items in these packs!