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Baueda unlocks third Production Point in 15mm Norse Irish Indiegogo campaign

Baueda unlocked another Production Point in their 15mm Norse Irish Indiegogo campaign. They've made it quite far in their campaign, coming close to making 2x their goal. Go check out the campaign and see what sorts of goodies are available.

From the campaign:

We have done it again!

Another development point unlocked in the campaign for 15mm Norse Irish 842 AD-1300 AD and by popular vote it has been assigned to DTS4 - Early Frankish foot warriors!

Since both the packs chosen so far are in group one they'll be both ready at the same time as the Norse-Irish and you can already add them to your choice now!

The current leader for receiving the new point just unlocked is GAE4 – Irish Bonnachts.
Once again, you can now cast your vote if you haven't yet or change it if you like but only until a new point is unlocked!

Thank you all for your passion and your help, you are truly wonderful people!