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Baueda running 15mm Norse Irish minis Indiegogo campaign

Baueda is looking to fund a line of 15mm Norse Irish minis over on Indiegogo. They've made it almost halfway there already, so go check 'em out.

From the campaign:

Hi guys, this is Claudio from Baueda Wargames ltd.
As you may know we are already producing a range of high quality 15mm wargame miniatures for many Dark Age armies, sized at "standard" 15mm and designed to be fully compatible with other top quality 15mm figures like Essex, Corvus Belli or Old Glory. Currently this range already include Viking, Norman, Carolingian Frankish and Lombard.
We now want to add a whole new fascinating and obscure army to this range!

Well researched and very detailed sculpts like these are expensive to make and to put into production; since Baueda Wargames is still pretty much a one man band (that would be me) with very limited financial resources I'm asking for your help to make it happen!
So I need your hard earned cash to finance the costs of putting more awesome new models in production, but what's in it for you? You get the option to acquire the above mentioned models with a substantial discount even before they are added to our catalog and begin to ship to retailers. I'm doing this to pay for the growth of the company, so basically you are getting the products at cost price, but hurry! This campaign will only last until Friday September 27, so grab your chance to be part of it NOW!

Now for this campaign I've got something special set up... after been thinking hard how to improve the chances of make this happen (let's face it, this is a ultra-specialized niche and we all know there are not that many people that will be interested in the subject!) I figured that the best way would be to allow for people to add not only packs for this specific army, but from any of all the other figures we already do, so you can take the occasion to get the figures you want at a great price AND also help us making more new interesting and diverse products!

While at it I thought I'd take the concept even a step further, so here is the deal for Stretch Goals: every 250 Euro above and beyond the initial goal will unlock 1 development point. At the end of this blurb you'll find a list of other closely related products which are in a more or less advanced development stage, each with a specific value in development points needed to put it into production. Once that value is reached the item will become available and you'll be able to add it to your Perk at the same promotional price and conditions as the rest of the packs already included in this campaign. But who will decide to which product to assign the development points once they are unlocked? Well you of course! Every funder will have right to one vote each time a development point is unlocked, you can express it in the page for comments on the campaign page. The item that will get more votes will get the points; in case of a tie I'll take the decision myself based on objective marketing concerns.

If for any reason you still don't want or can't contribute to the campaign, but you would like to see these products added to our catalog anyway, so that it will soon be available also from your local retailer then please help to get the word out, let your friends know, share this on facebook and make some noise about this campaign in your local gaming community! You'll have our everlasting gratitude and will help us bringing to life yet more new fantastic models!

Thank you and have fun!