Baueda release new 15mm camp and fortifications

Baueda have released a new 15mm Ancient Egyptian Camp and fortification set.


From their website:

We’ve finally completed the long due overhaul of the Hoppidus range, which has included the remastering of some old component that wasn’t up to the standard of the rest and a general rationalization of the modules… as a result all the Hoppidus sets are now better than ever, with even more precisely matching parts and less fiddly assembly required.

With this part of the process completed we can now proceed to reorganize the range itself, which include the release of a version compatible with Field of Glory for all the existing sets as well as yet more modules to expand the range. To begin with we have just added to our catalog a 15mm New Kingdom Egyptian Shield Camp for FOG of the type used by the army of Ramses encamped at Qadesh and a matching modular set of Egyptian Shield Fortification.