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Baueda: new 15mm scenic bases for Flames of War

Baueda has three new sets of scenic rural bases for you Flames of War players.

From the release:

Three new codes available now for our 15mm WWII scenic range, the rural bases are back!
(Actually not, these are all new models, but they do replace the old, now OOP, ones!)

Code 15A05CB
15mm Medium/Light Artillery scenic bases (rural)

Code 15A06CB
15mm HMG/mortar scenic bases (rural)

Code 15A17CB
15mm large heavy mortar or rocket battery scenic bases (rural)

Cast in our usual extra-tough polyurethane resin in the same size of a FoW bases. All have plenty of beautifully deeply sculpted surface detail to help you in painting, just spray paint, drybush and flock and these are ready to go on the battlefield!

Watch this space as there are going to be quite a few new releases and news announcements in the coming days!