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Baueda latest release: 28mm Fantasy Football Female Orcs

Baueda has released their new Troggettes, a female orc fantasy football team.

From the release:

The latest wave of Trogball 28mm figures is now available in the Esair Fantasy range! Sculpted by S. Cavane' these brawny babes are a tough match for our female Dark Elf team or any other for that matter!

the full range includes:

28TRB1 – 2 Passer-Catcher
28TRB2 – 2 Blitzer-Dodgers
28TRB3 – 2 Blitzer-Dodgers
28TRB4 – 2 linegirls
28TRB5 – 2 linegirls
28TRB6 – 2 black trogs blockers
28TRB7 – 2 black trogs blockers

Note that the Black Troggettes are substantially more hefty than the other gals!
If you play Bloodbowl that should allow you to make a full team using ALL different figures...

May add some Goblin Girl and a Troll Lass at some point but don't hold your breath for that!

Have fun!