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Baueda Latest release: 15mm Charlemagne Command

Baueda has their latest release up: Charlemagne and his command.

From the release:

Charlemagne was the founder of the Carolingian Empire, regarded by both the French and German monarchies as the beginning of their kingdoms. This personality pack include Charles and a personal standard bearer bodyguard, both mounted and on foot (Mix Pack of 2 mounted + 2 foot figures in four different poses).

To celebrate this rather special release that marks the completion of our 15mm Carolingian range and is also the first (but most definitely not the last!) personality pack we ever published, we've arranged a special promotional offer: buy one DBA Carolingian army pack now and you'll get a Charlemagne Command pack on top, completely free!

This offer is valid only until the end of the year, don't let it slip away!