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Baueda End of the Year sale

Baueda wants to end the year off on the right foot and so is holding a sale.

Having survived the eschatologists' apocalyptic nonsense once again I think it is now time to join in the seasonal jubilations and contribute a small reason of rejoicing to the just souls who have supported us this far... thus is with great joy that I'd like to announce the very first Baueda discount ever!

From now until the end of the year you can get 20% off every Baueda model, with the sole exception of the ready-to-play pre-painted items, but including ALL resin scenics and figures!

The only condition that apply is that you have to send me a mail to place the order (the address is on the website!). Do NOT use the paypal buttons as our primitive webcart is not equipped to cope with such extraordinary events... (BTW I'm trying to do something about that as well, so if you have a good knowledge of zencart or similar and fancy doing some keyboard bashing in exchange for some help in feeding your gaming habit, drop me a line!)

...and since we feel a discount would not be enough, especially for those who found themselves living in some particularly remote corner of this lovely globe, we have decided that we will also use a flat shipping and handling fee on ANY order of EURO€ 12.50 regardless the size of the order itself, anywhere you live. So gang up with some friends and make the best of this absolutely unique opportunity, but hurry, the offer is only valid for what's left of 2012!!

That's all, thank you all very much for another incredible year, have a great holiday and a fantastic New Year!!!


Claudio Berni