Skip to content Ep. 14 Reviews Allies Heavy Assault Walkers for Dust Tactics

Battle Tactics TV now has episode 14 up online for your viewing pleasure. In this episode: Unboxes and Reviews the Dust Tactics / Dust Warfare Allies Heavy Assault Walkers (Punisher and Fireball).

The Punisher is the heaviest walker the Allies have ever produced, with twin 155mm howitzers to pummel heavily armored walkers and a number of .50 cal and .30 cal machine guns to lay waste to enemy squads foolish enough to approach.

The Fireball adheres to the Allies' traditional strengths--speed, versatility, and lethal attacks at close range. Its deadly Napalm Thrower launches fiery doom at a greater range than ever before, and those fires can consume nearly any enemy unit in a single hit.