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Battlespace magazine Oct/Nov 2011 issue now available

The Battle Space has their new Battlespace Magazine available.

From their announcement:

The Oct/Nov 2011 issue of Battlespace magazine is now available to view or download.

Feature stories in this issue include:

* Ganesha Games' Andrea Sfiligoi discusses quick and simple tabletop skirmish rule designs.

* Hellishly good fun with a Hell Dorado tabletop battle report.

* Meet the oddballs of the card-driven tabletop game Dawn: Rise of the Occulites by Ben Boersma.

* An overview of real-time strategy gaming, including: the history of RTS games, ultra-realistic strategy in Naval War: Arctic Circle, upcoming MMORTS End of Nations and how OP4S intends to fuse RTS with tabletop gaming.

* A colourful look at game art designer Tears of Envy's excellent work for the games industry.

* Board game spotlight on Spiel Essen.

* Lorien Green engages the board game industry in her new documentary Going Cardboard.

* Backstab your opponents in the new Mob Ties board game

* Discover the detailed world of Legend of the Five Rings through the artwork of Steve Argyle.

Battlespace is a free, digital, interactive and animated magazine for strategy gamers available in Flash, PDF and ISSUU formats.

Tabletop, board, card and digital gamers and game manufacturers can submit potential news, feature story ideas or opinion articles for future issues by emailing