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Battleship Beer Pong PRO Up On Kickstarter

Well, I'm a teetotaler, so while Beer Pong isn't something that I partake in, I know that gamers, overall, are known to imbibe. So, for you all, this is probably something you'll want to check out. What happens when you mash up Battleship with Beer Pong? You get Battleship Beer Pong Pro. You can even take it into the pool with you.

From the campaign:

Are you tired of the same old beer pong game, shooting at the same old triangle, and re-racks? We definitely are!

Our mission is to bring you a new dimension of the traditional beer pong game with the opportunity for endless variations. Introducing Battleship Beer Pong PRO™, the world’s first battleship beer pong game that can be played on land or at sea.

Our extensive research into the beer pong and pool game markets told us that there have been many attempts, with little success, to produce high-quality products similar to ours. Our goal with Battleship Beer Pong PRO™ is to provide the (beer) consumer with a product that will allow them access to the complete battleship experience upon delivery.

The campaign is up and running now. It's set to go for another 14 days.