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BattleScribe Mobile Redesign

BattleScribe has redesigned the layout for the mobile version of their army creator program. Go have a look.

iOS Editing a roster


From the update:

As of versions 1.14.06 on Android and 1.14.07 on iOS, BattleScribe Mobile has had a big facelift. It's looked pretty outdated on both platforms for a long time, but now it finally looks at home among modern mobile apps. The iOS update also includes proper iPad support - no more nasty stretched iPhone interface!

On top of this, there's also been the usual swathe of new features, performance improvements, bug fixes and tweaks across all platforms, including desktop (see the BattleScribe news blog for full details).

This all comes together to make BattleScribe a fast and reliable army list creation tool across all platforms - iOS, Android and Windows/Mac/Linux computers.