Battles of Westeros scenario preview

Fantasy Flight Games have posted a new article looking at the scenario system in the upcoming Battles of Westeros boardgame.

From their website:

Before setting up, players must decide which kind of engagement they will participate in. The core set offers two types of engagements: battles and skirmishes. This week’s preview will go over the differences between the two.
Battles are standard scenarios that represent conflicts that happened or could have happened in between the lines of what is explicitly described in the novel series, A Song of Ice and Fire, by George R.R. Martin.

Typically, customization in this type of engagement and is more about changing the “historical” timeline set forth in the books. For instance, what if Jaime Lannister was able to overcome the Stark ambush in Whispering Wood? Or what if the Lannister encampments surrounding Riverrun were not disbanded by Robb Stark’s forces?