Battles of Westeros battle report posted

Fantasy Flight Games have posted a battle report using their recently released Battles of Westeros game.

From their website:

In honor of the release of Battles of Westeros, Fantasy Flight Games would like to present fans with a special series of battle reports. Join us to witness the forces of House Stark and House Lannister face off in a number of battles from the Battles of Westeros Core Set. Now, into the fray.

Welcome to episode one of The Ravens’ Report, the first in a series of battle reports for Battles of Westeros. Today Battles of Westeros designer Rob Kouba pits his House Stark forces against the Lannisters, led by FFG staff writer Brady Sadler. Starting with the first (“Clash on the Kingsroad”), Brady and Rob will lead their chosen House through the first three battles of the core set over the course of the next several weeks.