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Battleroad Games and Hobbies posts new artwork for upcoming game

Battleroad Games posted up some artwork for an upcoming game they've been working on. Expect a Kickstarter later this year.

From the preview:

So I am please to unveil the finished digital sculpt of the first model for "Katana, War of the Oni". We have yet to name in and in fact will hold a contest to name this guy. Further more he is going to be on the cover of our first rulebook so whoever wins will get to see their contribution all the time to our game!

A little break down of how we are proceeding from here forward. We will have all of the digital sculpts completed by the time we launch the Kickstarter later this year. Our plan is to insure that once completed our backers will ONLY have to wait 4-5 months MAX to get there rewards. We are putting a lot of work into these in advance to insure we have a fast delivery to our customers. We will be launching with 4 basic factions with the 5th being and unlocked stretch goal.

For the next few models they will be more steampunk oriented as we have artwork for the Samurai's done as well as the Traitors, and later our Foreigners faction. The 5th faction for now is a secret but I guarantee you will love it.