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Scorpion Gun Sentry Annihilator - Tri Barreled H.C. HMG

From their announcement:
Battlemart is proud to be a supplier of the new Precision Model Designs 28mm sci-fi line of models. The first in this line are the Gun Turrets and Robot gun sentries. The models have exquisite detail and are great for any sci-fi game table. We have the follow in stock:

  • Scorpion Gun Sentry "Destroyer" - Twin Laser cannons

  • Scorpion Gun Sentry "Annihilator" - Tri Barreled H.C. HMG

  • Defender Gun Turret w/ Heavy Battlefield Gun

  • Defender Gun Turret w/ Typhoon Heavy Missile launcher

These models are Resin and some have white metal parts. More pictures and information are available on the site.

These models are available now so stop by and have a look.