BattleLore: Dragons Expansion now shipping to distributors

Fantasy Flight Games are reporting that their BattleLore: Dragons Expansion is now shipping to distributors and should be available for sale soon.

From their website:

BattleLore: Dragons has just begun to ship to distributors, and will start arriving at retail stores next week. Be sure to check with your friendly local retailer for more information, and to make sure they’re aware of your excitement.

BattleLore: Dragons introduces three fearsome monstrous Creatures for use in your BattleLore games – the Ice Drake, Wood Wyvern, and Fire Dragon. Also included in this boxed expansion set are Dragon Summary Cards, Breath Attack Cards, Breath Attack Tokens, four new adventures, and much more. Of course, the three spectacular Dragon figures with appropriate Creature banners are the highlight of this latest BattleLore release.