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BattleLore: Code of Chivalry preview

Fantasy Flight Games have posted a preview of the BattleLore: Code of Chivalry expansion. From their website:
The release of Code of Chivalry, the latest expansion for BattleLore, is creeping closer and closer. Soon your human armies will have access to several units of heavily armored knights, ready to prove their worth on the battlefield! Today we’ll take a look at the two new units introduced in Code of Chivalry: the Mounted Knight Long Swordsmen and the Foot Knight Long Swordsmen. Knights are the proudest warriors in the land - fearless by nature and resilient in their resplendent armor. To reflect this, knight units are always considered Bold and may ignore a flag result when attacked and can possibly battle back. Because of their well-forged armor, they may also ignore one additional bonus strike rolled against them in combat. These abilities make the knights a great choice for frontline fighters. Without having to worry about keeping other units close by to grand them the Bold ability, they are stalwart fighters that can stand well on their own.