Battlelore Bearded Brave card preview

Fantasy Flight Games have posted a preview of some of the cards from the upcoming Bearded Brave expansion for the Battlelore boardgame.

From their website:

This fall, the Bearded Brave expansion will rally the dwarven banners and bring your BattleLore armies some stalwart support. The bold Iron Dwarves are known for their powerful arbalests, which are deadly when combined with their farseeing optical devices. Today you will be briefed on how these contraptions work in the heat of battle.

Bearded Brave features several Iron Dwarf units to add to your BattleLore games. Many of these dwarves are fresh to the battlefield, ready to breathe new life into the war, while some are familiar unit types come to strengthen the dwarven numbers. Today we will focus on two of these new unit types: the Iron Dwarf Spotters and the Mighty Bolt Thrower.