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BattleHex: A Modular Hexagon Terrain System on Kickstarter

BattleHex is a new, hex-based foam terrain system that's up on Kickstarter and looking for some funding. The hexes, themselves, are pretty big, being 9" across. So it's pretty quick to fill up your tabletop. The tiles are flat, so you can put stuff on top of them, letting you customize your table even more. They're not quite halfway there to the goal, but still have 17 days to get the rest of the way.


From the campaign:

From the creators of War of Kings comes BattleHex, a hexagon-based, modular terrain system that is ready right out of the box to turn your whole table into an elegant battlefield worthy of your miniatures no matter what game you play on it. It is beautiful, versatile, easy to set up, and easy to take down. Just one box adds great artistic effects to a whole table making it extremely practical. There’s nothing to assemble, paint, or flock, and the terrain itself doesn’t get in the way of your miniatures during the game. In short, BattleHex is fantastic terrain without the hassle!