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Battlegridz up on Kickstarter

Midgarth Games has a Kickstarter campaign up and running for Battlegridz, their premium gaming mats for RPGs.


From the campaign:

What makes Battlegridz different from other gaming grids?

1. Battlegridz are available in more designs than other companies have to offer, and more will be available very soon.
2. Battlegridz are available in two sizes: the standard 24" x 36" and the compact 18" x 24". We're also considering getting into 36" x 36" hex maps in the future.
3. Battlegridz use thicker paper, which makes them more durable and resistant to raveling.
4. Like other grids on the market, Battlegridz use thermal lamination, which allows for play-area customization with dry erase markers.
5. Battlegridz are shipped in kraft mailing tubes, which is convenient not only as a shipping medium, but also as a storage device.