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Battlegames issue 25 coming soon

Issue 25 of Battlegames magazine has been sent to the printers. From their website:
Issue 25? That's some sort of silver anniversary, isn't it? Well, let's take a look at what I have humming away on the printer's presses right now. There's a new regular feature for a start: this issue sees the start of a brand new series, 'Command Challenge'. Unlike the table Top Teasers which were (and continue to be, via other vehicles) very much Charles Grant's baby, I hope many a seasoned wargamer will contribute to this new series of scenarios over the coming years. So, here it is,stimulating as ever, and what's waiting for you behind that scarlet cover this time?
  • Tiles of a wargames widow part 2. Terrain maestra Diane Sutherland continues her terrain building mega-effort as the push to open the Wargames Holiday Centre in Crete hots up. Now we're shown how to make all those hills, rivers and other features to decorate the basic baseboards and create tactical challenges.
  • Grand tactical Napoleonics. With their usual ruthless honesty and seasoned eyes, Canadian contributors Bob Barnetson with Bruce Macfarlane compares Volley and Bayonet, Grande Armee, the DBA variant De Bellis Napoleonicus, Age of Eagles and Napoleon's Battles.
  • And now for something completely different. In his first article for Battlegames, Irish contributor Conrad Kinch gives us the intriguing A starter for ten: an alternative method of resolving campaign matters in Free Kriegsspiel. Campaigns have never been so much fun, so you'd best get your thinking caps on.
  • Veteran American wargamer Jim Purky, also known online as 'Der Alte Frit'z, returns for the first time since his contributions way back in issues 1 and 2. Now he's got 1806 in Miniature in his blood and this piece describes how and why he went about this colossal new Napoleonic project, having previously sold off over 10,000 of his Napoleonic miniatures.
  • Always a man to bring us interesting ideas, Richard Clarke of TooFatLardies returns with some stimulating thoughts to challenge our preconceptions about the Great War, together with a scenario, At the Sharp End.
  • As seen on the front cover, the Editor (yep, that's me.) kicks off a new series of "Command Challenge" scenarios that will involve the talents of many wargamers in the coming months, ranging from ancients to the modern era. BKC in the Dunes is a fast-moving scenario set in the Western Desert in June 1941, with the recently-arrived Afrika Korps taking on the 8th Army using 1/285 GHQ micro-armour. I really hope you like it, if for no other reason than making me feel that painting that darn Caunter camouflage on some of the tanks was worthwhile.
  • In honour of the late Terry Wise, I have decided to create The Battlegames Terry Wise Award in his name to reward our readers' favourite contributors. You'll find all the details about this in this issue.
  • Mike Siggins gives us his take on the latest fads in Forward Observer, which includes his new 'On Radar' quicklist. We're even treated to some rare glimpses of his own painting skills.
  • There are a host of reviews in an exceptionally meaty instalment of Recce, covering a plethora of products arriving thick and fast, from books to miniatures to paint racks.
  • Tricks of the Newark Irregulars provides the Diary of Events for March and April. Given that the magazine is appearing in the middle of the month, please refer to the Newark Irregulars website calendar for events this coming weekend.
  • And finally, news of our Combat Stress Appeal which received an unexpected boost when Dave Brown, author of the popular General de Brigade rules, handed over a cheque for £400 at the Cavalier Show in Tonbridge recently.
 Issue 25 will be added to the shop on Friday 11th March, so check back then.