Battlegames issue 23 off to print

Issue 23 of Battlegames magazine is on its way to the printers and will soon be available to subscribers.

From their website:

You’ve been very patient and so will no doubt be delighted to hear that issue 23 of the magazine is on the presses. After the somewhat trying weeks I’ve had over the summer, it’s a relief to have given birth to this issue, especially since I’ve managed to pack it full of what I hope you will agree is an interesting, varied and even memorable range of articles. Publication is scheduled for Monday 30th August, which is also the date when all the digital subscriptions will be sent out.

Waiting in vine
Diane Sutherland shows us how to make vintage vineyards.

Forward Observer
Siggo has plenty to discuss, including A Very British Civil War, tufty turf, a new regular shortlist of product highlights, and the joys of playtesting late 19th century European wargame rules.

The passing of Paddy Griffith
John Drewienkiewicz and Richard Clarke provide moving obituaries for the much-loved historian and wargamer who died this summer.

Paddy’s last hurrah
Paddy Griffith submitted an article to me just weeks before he died. I could think of no better tribute than to publish his report of what turned out to be his final Duxford WWII kriegsspiel of Operation Weseru?bung, the German invasion of Norway.

Painting the little blighters
Canadian Bob Barnetson shows us how to accomplish mass armies in short shrift with this masterclass in 6mm painting.

Test flying Bag the Hun 2
Air wargamer Tim Beresford gives an extended review of the Lardies’ Battle of Britain rules, with a couple of scenarios that will have you scrambling your Spitfires and Hurricanes in no time.

Table top teaser: cavalry encounter, or “What marsh?”
C. S. Grant produces a cavalry commander’s dream, with hundreds of horse galloping hither and thither in unpredictable terrain.

Simplicity in practice
After extolling the virtues of simple rules last issue, author Neil Thomas serves up a magnificently straightforward but subtle set of horse and musket rules.

A plethora of new goodies reviewed by our team, including 1/72 hard plastic Russians from The Plastic Soldier Company Ltd, All the King’s Men 54mm War of 1812 figures, the Repique Zouave rules, Area 9 15mm wargames scenery, Bolt Action 28mm WWII metal miniatures, a large American Civil War book from Casemate, Astounding Adventures scenarios, the new Spencer Smith 30mm Franco-Prussian War figures, an imagi-nations novel, (come on, keep up!), Waterloo Netherlands Correspondence, Helion 28mm Austro-Prussian War figures, Gripping Beast plastic Vikings, an Osprey and a General de Brigade Ottoman scenarios book. Phew!