Battlefront’s News From Down Under

Battlefront is switching to have their Australia/New Zealand distribution through Aetherworks Hobby Products.



From the announcement:

It has been over ten years that Battlefront has had a sales office in New Zealand serving both the local and Australian stores. Over the years we have tried many different ways to manage the market here but we keep coming back to the simple answer that we are in the wrong place. Having an office in Australia to handle New Zealand – the much smaller market – makes sense, but trying to do it the other way round has us managing a distribution network that works but is far from ideal for many reasons.

We have thought long and hard about the next step for the market down here and after looking and discounting the feasibility of opening an office in Australia ourselves, we have decided to find a partner who can manage the supply on a local level better than us. Aetherworks are that company and we have entered into a long-term agreement with them to supply stores in Australia and New Zealand on our behalf. The Aetherworks team has been in the market long enough to see what is needed to adapt and succeed, and it was for this key factor that we chose them to represent us going forward.

From today Aetherworks will be the primary supply relationship for all stores in New Zealand and Australia. Your local stores have been told and things are already underway to ensure a continuous flow of stock so that this transition should make no difference to you at all.