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Battlefront's 'Battle of An-Nakhl' Arab-Israeli Wars Sale Going On Now

June 1967 was a good month for Israel's military. In the course of just six days, they defeated their enemies. A major battle during the conflict was fought at the old Turkish fort of An-Nakhl. Battlefront has a new Desert Fort kit coming out and figured people might want to recreate the battle of An-Nakhl on their tabletop. So they're having themselves a bit of a sale on Fate of a Nation figures for a couple weeks.


Until June 29th, Fate of a Nation figures are 40% off over in the Battlefront webshop. And that's not all, because they figure people might want to buy a bunch, but might rethink due to shipping costs, they've capped what the total shipping cost can be for your order. So, no matter what you get, the maximum you'd have to pay for shipping would be US$10/€8/£5 (there's a few extra details about that if you buy the Desert Fort kit, just so you know ahead of time).