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Battlefront UK Open Day Happening This Weekend

Battlefront has a whooooooole ton of stuff going on this weekend. It's their UK Open Day and they're making sure to jam-pack it full of everything. Check out their Facebook page all weekend for live updates on events, previews, and more. They've also got new releases going up, so be sure to check out those, too.

From the post:

Hey everyone! We’ve just updated the Team Yankee and Flames Of War websites after another busy week!

The Battlefront UK Open Day is happening this weekend! We will be having a fun day of gaming and painting events and it’s a fantastic chance to get along and quiz some of the team behind Flames Of War and Team Yankee. If you haven’t seen the contents list for the amazing swag bags we are giving all attendees head over to the website now! Don’t forget that you also get the exclusive Doctor Who miniatures as well! Tickets are still available online or you can buy them at the door!
We will be doing live updates from the UK Open Day on our Facebook page throughout the day so make sure you tune in for all the news and special announcements!

For Team Yankee we have our next wave of releases and this time it’s all about the Dutch. First up is the Dutch version of the plastic Leopard 2 tank. The Dutch were the first export customer of this fearsome tank and make great use of it. We also have the YPR-765 Platoon which can also make the YPR-PRAT so whether you’re ferrying infantry or hunting big game with high anti-tank missiles it’s got you covered. We also have the M113/M106 platoon which lets you make whichever you need. You’ll likely need a bit of air cover so the PRTL and Stinger Platoon have got your back. For recon the Dutch can field the nimble little M113 C&V. Lastly, who can play a game of Team Yankee without dice and tokens? No one I say! We’ve got the Dutch themed Dice and Tokens releasing as well so make sure you grab em and to make sure your rolls are as good as possible! (Note increased dice performance is not guaranteed). Also don’t forget that the NATO’s Front Line Plastic Army Deal is perfect for the Dutch player who wants to field some German support in the form of PAH anti-tank helicopters and grab some Leopard 1s.

For Flames Of War we’ve got an article from Poland. The Warsaw Dragon Wargaming club had an Early War Flames Of War tournament and they sent us the results and some photos of the event. They decided to the use the same format the ETC will be using this year so it was a great chance for some practice in before the big event. Registrations are also open for the Canadian Nationals where they will be playing a 71 point Mid War tournament. Check out all the details over the on the website.

Lastly, Fate Of A Nation releases this weekend. If you made an order over on the Fate Of A Nation website then you’ll be pleased to know that your orders have started shipping and on the way to you right now! The 25% Discount Launch sale is still on so there’s still time to add some new units to your existing armies or even start a new one!