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Battlefront Taking New Flames of War Pre-Orders for Enemy at the Gates and Iron Cross

The folks over at Battlefront are taking a whole bunch of new pre-orders for Flames of War. They've got the Enemy at the Gates and Iron Cross products over on their website, and if you want to get them as soon as they're available, being the first gamer on your block with them, you'll want to head over now and put your name down on the list. They've also got a list of all the releases coming out for the next couple months that you can check out.

From the post:

Flames Of War is now turning its eyes to the war in the east as Germany and the Soviet Union clash head to head. The German blitzkrieg had swept across the Soviet Union and taking them to gates of Moscow as winter set in. The pivotal battles of the Eastern Front were about to be fought in the streets of Stalingrad and in the Russian Steppe with the very survival of the Soviet Union at stake.