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Battlefront sells out of first Flames of War House, but more on the way

Battlefront missed on their guess on about how many of their first Flames of War houses they should make and have already sold out. But they've got more houses on the way.

Our first steps into the real estate market have proved even more rewarding than we had anticipated with our first property, a sunny little house in Calais, selling so fast that we will probably be out before the end of the week. The reason I bring this up is that currently we have orders from our stores around the world far exceeding the supply and we are only three days into solicitation. As our original plan was to make a set number and then have a new one come each month we are overjoyed by the response but we will not be making more of the first house. We will have no choice but to allocate stock to stores to be as fair as possible and give at least some to everybody that has made orders.

As of right now we have made the resin for the next three houses and are busily painting them to hit the delivery dates, don’t forget it is long time on a boat from Malaysia to the rest of the world. We will be increasing our run sizes for the later houses to take into account the demand. I am sorry for the disappointment this might cause both you and our stores but obviously my magic eight ball of forecasting was not working properly when we set these numbers. The only positive is that at least you get a house a month so if Calais is not to your liking then maybe I can offer you something in the action town of Carentan or Falaise or you might be partial to the sea air of Dunkirk?