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Battlefront Releases SAS Jeeps (Europe) for Flames of War

Battlefront Releases SAS Jeeps (Europe) for Flames of War

Battlfront expands their SAS line for Flames of War with the release of their Jeeps kits. If you need to get somewhere fast, like scouting out the enemy location, or perform a flanking maneuver, there’s not much better. Capable of quick hit-and-fade strikes, they’re a good addition to your invasion force.

From the post:

The Special Air Service was one of the original special forces, formed in 1941 as an elite desert raiding force.

Part of the invasion of Germany included Operation Archway, the largest and boldest SAS operation to date, involving two full squadrons with a total of 75 jeeps between them. Brimming with machine-guns, these SAS Jeeps are great at attacking infantry in the open, harrassing flanks or pinning down platoons.